Testing byproducts as feed for insects


This research is carried out as part of the Interreg NWE ValuSect project. The aim of this research is to improve the sustainability of the insect primary production process addressing side streams of food industry and agriculture. 

Several side streams were selected as potential substrate for yellow mealworms, house crickets and migratory locusts. These byproducts included unsold fruit and vegetables from auction, potato steam peels, red blood cell fraction, hydrolysed chicken feathers, grain middlings, foliage from horticulture, bread, and oat husks. Nutritional components of both feed and produced insects were determined as well as parameters regarding insect performance.

Cite as: Van Peer, M. , Berrens, S. , Noyens, I. , Goossens, S. , Coudron, C. , Lau, T. , Alvarez, C. , and Van Miert, S. (2023). Testing side streams as substrate for insects. ValuSect. https://www.valusect.eu/system/files/pg/pdf/wp1.2-report-testing-side-streams-as-substrate-for-insects.pdf