Literature on the sustainable production of edible insects


This literature search is carried out as part of the Interreg NWE ValuSect project (work package 1: Quality improvement of the primary insect production process, activity 3: Literature search to clarify 3 questions from SMEs and companies regarding quality improvement of insect production process), in which all project partners of work package 1 are actively involved. The aim of this literature search is to obtain more knowledge about insect rearing on side streams and emissions related to insect rearing in order to be able to carry out applicable experiments during activity 1 (testing greenhouse gases of insect rearing) and activity 2 (testing side streams for insect rearing) of work package 1.


Cite as: Van Peer, M., Coudron, C., Alvarez, C., Kingston, A., Severijns, K.,  Verheyen, G.,  Naranjo Guevara, N.,  Frooninckx, L., Van Miert, S. (2020). Literature search on sustainable production of insects for food. ValuSect.