Impact of substrate on the proximate composition of insects


This report is generated based on the results obtained after the research work carried out in the ValuSect WPT2 (Quality improvement of insect processing, activity 1: Determining the impact of substrate on insect composition). This report is aimed to be a continuation of the report created within the research activities carried out in WPT1 (Quality improvement of the primary insect production process, activity 2: Testing side streams as substrate for insects). At early stages of the project it was clearly observed that the synergies and interaction between the two work packages were evident, therefore experimental trials in WPT1 were planned to understand the impact of substrate composition on the performance of the insects, but also to be able to answer how this is affecting the final composition of the animals intended to be used for food applications.

Cite as: Alvarez, C., Van Peer, M., Berrens, S., Noyens, I., Goossens, S., Coudron, C., Lau, T., Neves, E., Van Miert, S. (2023). Impact of substrate on the proximate composition of insects. ValuSect.